Welcome to Rainbow Rehab

Latest News:

    Our latest project house, house #10 at 668 W 5th Avenue is currently occupied by the prospective buyer. Rainbow Rehab’s future in the current economy is in question but we hope to survive. We do not, however, expect to start on any new projects until the summer of 2012, at the earliest. Thank you for your support.

Our mission is to serve people with lower incomes by making it possible for them to own, or continue to own, properly renovated, safe, clean, attractive, energy efficient homes. We renovate properties for resale to disadvantaged families, provide free or reduced-fee repair services for lower-income homeowners, and coordinate opportunities for people from all walks of life to work and learn about home-ownership together.

Rainbow Rehab would like to move from rehabbing one house at a time to providing an ongoing service to volunteer construction teams, low-income homeowners, and our community at large. Our long-range goal is to have several rehabilitation projects ongoing at the same time, completing at least two per year, while also providing emergency repairs to low-income homeowners. We would like to have a several teams of skilled and semi-skilled volunteers capable of addressing a variety of construction projects, from landscaping to plumbing to roofing to foundation repairs.

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